YASAIIII!!!!… Err, why Largo was correct about vegetables.

Largo is a beast. Know why? Cause he eats his f'n veggies!

FYI, I love “JRPGs.” When did that become a term used in a derisive fashion anyhow? Western RPGs have their good points but for the most part I am a huge JRPG fan. Square Enix, tri-Ace, From Software, you guys rocks my socks off.

But anyway, back to the point. If any of you played Valkyria Chronicles, congrats. You played one of the best SRPGs released in a long time. Now if you haven’t, pay attention ^^. Largo, one of the supporting characters in Valkyria Chronicles, has a HUGE thing for vegetables. In fact, I didn’t even know he *SPOILER* bore feelings for anyone else in his squad because his love for vegetables overshadowed whatever else he could have had an inch of passion for.

Was he onto something? Look, everyone seems to know they should eat more veggies and that vegetables are good for you, but do you actually know why it could be better to snack on some carrots and hummus once in awhile instead of eating that huge plate of fried rice?

1. They fill you up fast. If you’re overweight and trying to lose some pounds, or you’re trying to lose fat to get ripped like Arumat from Star Ocean 4, you should consider eating vegetables. Vegetables are already naturally low in calories, and since they fill you up quickly, you will consume way less calories if you get full on vegetables instead of say, a cheeseburger from McDonalds.

Wanna lose fat and get shredded? Eat your veggies.

2. High amounts of dietary fiber. If you eat lots of vegetables, you should therefore also be getting a large amount of dietary fiber. So what’s gonna happen? You will take a dump. And if you eat enough vegetables and drink enough water, you will take a fat dump. So what good does that do? You’ll clear your body out of toxic junk that accumulates in your insides and you’ll feel damn good when you hop off that toilet too. Don’t worry–you won’t end up like Johnny Sasaki when he gets the runs, though.

Don't worry!!! You won't get diarrhea like Johnny Sasaki here.

3. Chicks like guys who eat vegetables! Okay, this one is a little biased towards our male readers here, but my lovely girlfriend always reminds me how women are sick of guys who refuse to eat their greens. So if you wanna win some points with that cute girl you’ve been eyeing… you better eat your veggies!

You know, if you tell her you eat veggies, you might have a chance!

So what are the best vegetables to eat? Anything is better than nothing, especially if you don’t normally eat them!! Personally, I like to munch on things like celery, carrots, broccoli, and green beans. Those bags of frozen vegetables that you see at the grocery store are also good to eat. You can try using reasonable amounts of healthy toppings like hummus or salsa to make your vegetables more tasty, but this brings me onto the next point.

I’d be cautious about overusing things like ranch dressing to flavor your veggies. A lot of people claim to get their vegetables, but when they start saturating them with salad dressing and whatnot to make them “taste better,” they’re no better off than that stoner who jumps for the nearest bag of fried pork skins.

I think I’ve said enough. 野菜を食べましうかうか?



One Response to “YASAIIII!!!!… Err, why Largo was correct about vegetables.”

  1. anonfellow Says:

    herro I like your site but you seem to have stopped updating it. SHAME ON YOU

    your japanese @ the end is wrong, it should read 野菜を食べましょうか?
    and leaving off か is better (lets eat vegetables!) not (shall we eat vegetables?)

    in conclusion UPDATE MORE OFTEN

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