Irrashaimase! Welcome to Otaku Fitness

If you’re reading this, you might consider yourself an anime fanatic, a hardcore gamer, or some sort of other otaku. And having been involved with this kind of subculture all my life, I understand the common kinds of mindset, obstacles, and questions that otaku have when it comes to getting in shape.

You can probably relate to who I was a couple of years ago. I was a typical college student: Being extremely busy with work and school usually meant little time for play. And in the little free time I had, I spent it either playing video games, watching anime, or eating junk food. I was content with this lifestyle despite my lack of physical activity.

During my sophomore year of college, I became interested in the boxing team at my university and learned there would be mandatory conditioning before people were allowed to practice with the team. Conditioning? I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but I figured that since I was skinny and lanky, that probably meant I was in shape, right?

I wanted to be like this guy... I didn't realize how much work it'd take.

WRONG. It did not take me more than 10 minutes to realize how out of shape I was. All the pushups, squats, sit ups, and burpees the coach made us do sucked all the wind out of my lungs. Every muscle in my body was exhausted beyond what I previously ever felt. To make matters worse, we had to run three miles around the track after our general conditioning was completed.

At this point I realized how out of shape I was. In addition to my lack of physical activity, the junk food I shoved in my mouth every day didn’t help me out either. (IMO, health is 50% exercise and 50% what you eat, if not more determined by your diet).

Fast forward a few years later. Physical activity and exercise is a regular part of my daily routine, and I eat clean most the time (though I still love the occasional sushi buffet). I’m way more muscular than I used to be, and I have visible six pack abs, which before I never imagined I could have. I have more energy everyday and in general, I feel a lot better about myself and my self-confidence definitely increased.

So why is this blog here? I’m here to provide exercise and nutrition tips in an easy way for my fellow otaku to relate to and understand. Hopefully my blog will help you get shredded like everyone’s favorite vigilante, Kenshiro!

Bruce Lee... errr, Kenshiro!


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